Meet The Team

Our team of four intrepid explorers hails from all four corners of the globe, (well, probably only 3…), but all have a strong link and love for South Africa, either having been born here, or chosen to live here since a very early age…

The team is passionate about spreading the news of Africa, and taking South Africa to the world!

John Paul Hunt (39 and 14 months)

An exploration geologist by passion he has travelled to 6 continents to discover the wildernesses and other treasures of this great planet. His past expeditions include driving 11,000 km from South Africa to Lake Victoria; 9,000 km from Canada to Mexico …TWICE; And around the world – backwards. He’s as much at home 4.5 km underground as 4.5 km above sea level. He also once discovered the meaning of life …but forgot to write it down.

John Paul Hunt

John Paul Hunt: Fearless leader with the biggest pith helmet

Jessica Morgan (30)

Jessica is our tame American, having ventured over to Africa in 2007 to put her mining engineering superpowers to use to unlock Africa’s mineral potential. An asset on foreign trips, Jessica believes that people who cannot understand English will be able to understand if she talks louder. Jessica has climbed Mt Elbrus, done the Annapurna Trail through the Himalayas and currently resides in the Democratic Republic of Congo, yelling at the locals there…

Jessica Morgan

Jessica Morgan, our tame American who promises not to invade any oil-bearing countries

Susanne Ostermann (32)

Susanne pioneered the concept of ridiculous road trips in unsuitable cars, having driving the Afristan-Mobile through the Balkans, only to end up in Kazakhstan …and nearly getting arrested! Her passions include helping people to communicate more effectively by teaching them how to Skype!

Susanne Ostermann

Susanne, brave pioneer of ridiculous roadtrips!

Richard Montjoie (34)

Born and bred in the tough East Rand mining town of Boksburg, its a feat in itself that Richard ever made it out of his quaint home town to see another part of the world (like Johannesburg, 30 km away…).

Another geologist by training, whose mother is convinced that he is permanently on holiday, Richard is no stranger to adventure, having worked up in the Canadian Arctic for four years, summited Mt Kilimanjaro and Mt Elbrus, as well as a mine dump in his home town, and undertaken several road trips through Southern Africa. He also has a fear of heights. …and mountains…

Richard Montjoie

Constantly in trouble for pestering dogs with his incessant petting…