Crucial Thanks!

So if you’ve been following our blogs you’ll know by now that we actually made it to Ulan Bataar, so first up a huge apology for the big delay in getting out this blog, and I’ll try explain why in a few moments, but secondly, and more importantly, I’d like to take this opportunity, before we get to the fantastic story of crossing Russia and Mongolia, to thank everyone for their support and donations. There’s a lot of people we would like to thank, and we’re going to try and do it by name, and if we left you out, our sincerest apologies, but here goes:

Firstly, a big thanks to the original team for supporting the idea, and your time and input spent in planning. Gerard, Chris, Alun, Hanno and even Muggles. Sorry that you guys couldn’t join us, we missed you on the ride! Hopefully next time!

The next big thanks goes out to JP’s awesome sisters who helped so much; Susanne, Sophia and Vivienne Hunt. You guys were amazing! Vivienne, thanks so much for your donations, support and hospitality in London and encouragement along the way, your tireless posting on Facebook and encouragement to get everyone to support and really getting the ball rolling! You do amazing work with Gumboots, keep it up!


Entrance to the Ratang Bana Centre, Alexandra, South Africa

Entrance to the Ratang Bana Centre, Alexandra, South Africa

The Montjoie Family: Jeff, Cheryl, Greg, Lauren, Jarred, Connor, Milo, Roxy and Mica. Thanks for all your support and your various donations, and your belief in us. Further thanks goes out to the Hunt Family in general, for your support and donations!

Aspiring rallier

Aspiring rallier

Specific thanks to Kerrin, Hein Boucher, Lenja, Honza, Paul Buchanan, Sandra, Roberta, Shelley, Angela and Mike Dyer, Alicja, Craig and HT, Carola, Simon and Karin Ward all the way out of Canadia, Till and Tanja, Sascha, Vlad Dracula the Third J, Jasmin, Susan Hunt, Anna, Stefan (no, we didn’t ever manage to return the equipment!), Margz Green, a massive thanks especially to Kivala-HR (check them out on – The Consultancy Choice for SAP customers around the world! (unashamedly a quick PR punt for them; check out their website!); The Wickströms in Sweden who followed the adventure from their sun chairs; Jake Longridge in the UK, Juna und ihre Eltern; Alexandra; Eva Lotta; The New World Warriors; Ian, Shauna and Ila McCutcheon (congrats on the new family!); Queen Adriane of Atlantis; Graham Allibone; Steffi and Ari; Twyla, Wayne Reeve; Marcia Nicolau; Joanne Perold; TTYL  in Basel; SpongeRob Rob Armstrong (why weren’t you on the trip with us?); Karen Beard; Lily-Anna and Joshua; The Pegler Clan – what an amazing blast from the past – so good to hear from you guys!; KHS 11D; Manon – always so cool!; Melanie; Jeanette Arpagau; Gunter from Basel; Andy and last but not least, Franci – your Facebook comments were always great!

These are the kids whose lives we are making a difference to

These are the kids whose lives we are making a difference to

On the GoFundMe website, a huge thanks goes out to Vivienne Hunt (again!); Anne Belanger; Susan Hunt (again!); Jacob Jake Longridge (again!); Obi James; Mephistopheles PITT; Pim van Geffen (we only needed a few band-aids!); John Cowx; Danielle Giovenazzo; Emily Halle; Kerrin Sander (thanks for all your help with the Wikipedia articles!); Mariela Pata; Kathleen Body and the rest of the Body’s; Samantha Reid; Anne Belanger; Candace Jackson; Kathleen Hansmann (thanks Kathstiens! We missed you!); Ilke Roelofse; Dr Cyko (we actually did need that ride to Ulan Bataar!); Emili Losier; Piker Canadia Ward (again! Shot bro!); Colleen Garrigus; Lopec Auto Spares (Rich’s leave form is on the way!) – another shameless PR punt; check out Lopec’s website,; @mo$phi$o Siwela; Aileen Reeve (good going Gran! Glad you got onto the internet!); Ian McCutcheon (again! – you must have been missing us!); Gareth Trueman (shot bro; next time you’re there with us!) and Darren Lang Landsberg – we’ve got a t-shirt for you…

I hope we carried on in the same light as Madiba's ambassadorial spirit!

I hope we carried on in the same light as Madiba’s ambassadorial spirit!

Thanks to Quinton De Beer at Clarity Print ( – if you need signwriting and printing done in South Africa, get hold of Quinton!

Further thanks to Kevin “Breaky” Culligan for doing the artwork and the South Afristans logo. Good work Breaky! The logo was a winner! And great to see you in London. Check out Kevin’s amazing portfolio at All the way in Baku, thanks to Bob Spencer for bringing over the stuff we left behind and the bottle of wine – it went down well on the ferry; and the Lonely Planet was invaluable!

A massive thanks goes out to the team; JP for pushing us along the entire way and getting everyone motivated and making sure things happen, and all your Wikipedia articles.

Susanne for bringing along Stan and organizing us, making sure we always had navigation, fuel (both for Stan and human fuel, oil, and efficiently packed! We all miss Stan and we’re sorry that he couldn’t continue on the journey with you; we have no doubt he misses you and the love and care that you dished out to him.

Thanks for bringing along Stan, you looked after him well and he's gonna miss you!

Thanks for bringing along Stan, you looked after him well and he’s gonna miss you!

Jess for making sure we always had food and accommodation, and keeping us entertained with your kindle stories. You made police checkpoints easy!

Rich for signing us up to the adventure and managing to lose Mr Grumbles…

So hopefully you’ve read through all of that, and found your name. If your name is not there, then you must have made an anonymous donation or we have somehow dropped you off of the list. Send a rude email to Rich and he’ll fix it ASAP. If you would like your name to appear in all its glory, it’s not too late to make a donation:

Mongolia update to follow shortly!

Mongol Feedback to the kids at Ratang Bana

Mongol Feedback to the kids at Ratang Bana

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